Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back on the Air!

Well, a lot has happened since I last updated! But first thing's first: I think we're back on the air!

Yesterday the school changed Internet filters. I guess they decided the one they were using wasn't strong enough since we could still use Deezer.com and Grooveshark. So they changed to a new filter. At first I was really irritated because I couldn't access some of the things I used to be able to do. Then I randomly visited a blog just a few minutes ago, another blogspot blog, and noticed that the toolbar was available! Before, I could read blogspot blogs but not log in to comment or to post on mine. With much excitement I clicked on the "log in" button and, low and behold, I am now able to post on my blog!!!

Quick updates on various aspects of life

Job: I'm nearing the 2 month mark here in France, and I'm still loving it! I've gotten settled into teaching. I never thought I could enjoy something so much as this. It's been so much fun. I have my off days, to be sure, but for the most part I love the kids, my collegues, and the job. The paperwork, on the other hand, is still overwhelming. I'm not sure why it has to be so complicated!

Church: I found a nice church through several 'coincidental' happenings. I'm amazed at God's grace to me in even these small things. I'll write more about my church later, but for now I'll just say that the people are ever so welcoming. Even with the language barrier, they've been trying to include me in Bible studies, prayer meetings, youth days, and everything that happens at the church. One of the elders even suggested the other day that the church incorporate some English songs to make us (3) anglophones more at home. I actually don't like the idea, but I'm touched by the thought.

School: Master's courses are in full swing. Actually this week is midterms. I'm enjoying them a lot but am still having some trouble getting back into the 'rhythm' of academic life. Funny, it's only been a few months! But I'm not really cut out for online courses, so this is a triple challenge for me.

Housing: I'm living in a dormitory style apartment. I have my own private room but share a kitchen, bathroom, and washroom with 2 other Americans and a German. We have a lot of good times, but it can also be stressful sometimes. I'm sure I'll write more about them in the coming months.

Other: We're starting an English version of The Truth Project tomorrow! I'm so very excited. I'm sad to say that not as many people as I had hoped are able to come (there were four English assistants interested, but it's looking like 1 or 2 won't be able to make it). But God is Sovereign, and I'm trusting that He'll provide those He wants to come.

Holiday: Well, the French have so many holidays. Right after getting two weeks off for Halloween (okay, it was actually All Saints, but same thing, right?), we got the following Wednesday off for Armistice Day. Nice. Now we're all looking forward to Christmas holiday starting on 19 December. Exciting stuff, I tell you. I've asked off for Thanksgiving Day and am awaiting a reply from two of my collegues. 

Okay, I'll try to update in the next few days with pictures, stories, etc.


Rebecca said...

I'm glad to hear your experience teaching has been, for the most part, a positive one. The time has finally come for me to apply for next year! I'm asking for Clarmont-Ferrand. It is the birthplace of Pascal, did you know? Please remind me: have you been to Auvergne, and if you have, did you like it there?

Pierre Bellville said...

I didn't actually know where the birthplace of Pascal was. Thanks for the info! I still have to check out Jules Vernes's house house here in Amiens. I'm afraid I'm an aweful tourist...

I haven't yet been to Auvergne, though there's still more weeks of holiday ahead of me than behind! Perhaps I'll head over there in December or February.

Good luck on your application. I hope it works out for you.

Ruth said...

What are you referring to as a "washroom?" You listed it separately from the restroom, so are you using American language and talking about the laundry room?

Pierre Bellville said...

Yes, indeed I am speaking American with the usage of "washroom" to mean a laundry type room (I just can't bring myself to use the term "laundry room" since it doesn't have a drier or ironing board)

I think it means the same thing in British English since a "bathroom" is either a WC or a toilet...

Spiff said...

Glad to see you posting again. Hope things keep going well for you.

Olivia Arlene said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying being where God has led you!