Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nothing Much New

Howdy friends and family out there in the virtual world!

I know it has been a terribly crazy time since I've posted here. I do apologize. Let me give you a brief run down on all that has happened since my last post:

February - I had (another) two weeks of holiday but was taking intensive online courses at the same time. February ended up being too busy to do any traveling or, to be honest, anything interesting at all.

March - After my online courses ended, I re-arranged my work schedule to allow me to head to l'Abri in Switzerland for a week. I also visited Geneva on my way through both ways. Switzerland is so beautiful. I could live there. But then again, I could live just about anywhere I've visited in Europe!

I had such a good and relaxing time in l'Abri. Nothing that I want terribly to write about here, but it was definitely a good time. In Geneva, I visited the Reformation Museum, St. Peter's Cathedral, and a few other historical places. I learned all sorts of interesting stuff about Calving and the French/Swiss Reformation (most of it was really just review).

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because I had a bad water-related accident with my iPhone while in Switzerland. It fried something on the mother board and I've spent the last 3 weeks trying to get it worked out. I'm really, really starting to get frustrated but I think it may all work out soon.... The whole story requires another post, but it does make for a funny story. In that tragic, painful sort of way.

April - Another two weeks of holiday that just ended last week! For the first week, one of my oldest friends (in length of friendship, not age) came all the way from Turkey with two of her colleagues just to visit me here in lovely France. We had a stupendous time. I didn't take any pictures for two reasons: 1) I still did have my iPhone (though I do have a camera) and 2) they took so many I didn't figure I would need any. They promised me that I would get copies of some of them. Maybe I'll post some in a few months... ;)

Meanwhile, if you want to see how our time went, head over to Miss N's blog and check out her last few posts (April 2010). She's got several good photos and descriptions of holidaying in France.

And that brings us to now! You see, nothing much going on over here... ;)