Saturday, May 24, 2008

Brussels and Sunshine

I'm in Brussels. Actually, I've been here for 5 days already. My silly wireless card has decided to be temperamental, so I haven't been able to get online here at the apartment, and I'm not allowed to get on blogs while at work. My hosts (Mr. and Mrs. S.) have kindly fixed me up with a guest account on their desktop computer. This will work great later on, but for now I feel like I'm inconveniencing them every time I need to use it. Therefore my blogging has been non-existent since my arrival.

I do have pictures from Holland, which I fully intend to share. They will have to come perhaps tonight or tomorrow. I have to download them from my camera onto my computer, then put them on my flash drive, then bring them to the S.'s computer, and finally post them to my blog. It's really not as much work as it sounds, but I'm feeling lazy. Actually, I'm supposed to be leaving right now for downtown Brussels.

To get you briefly up to speed, I arrived in Brussels last Monday and started work on Tuesday. The weather has been amazing (it rained a lot in the Netherlands). This is such a beautiful country, and the people are so nice. I'm getting to practice my French a little, but not as much as I would like because everyone else wants to practice their English. I made a deal with our local-hire secretary at work who is from Brussels that she should speak French to me and she can practice her English whenever I don't understand her French. Another local hire is Flemish and won't speak French with me, and another is Croatian and also refuses to speak French with me. We have one from France who I never get to see and another from French-speaking Belgium who is coming to America later this year and wants to practice his English.

I do need to go for now, so I'll write more later. Hope life is going well for all of you.