Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Changing of the Guard

Enjoy these videos of the changing of the guard at the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg. This is, sadly, only a part of it. There was first a parade where the band went all the way around the block playing... music of course. Then they did a neat little military drill and finally this below.

Sorry about the jiggle. A rude Spaniard (which is really being repetitive) kept pushing me. Of all the Europeans, Spaniards are the only ones I don't have anything nice to say about. Their rude and loud and have no sense of morality. That's all. It might have something to do with them having lived under a dictatorship for so long. Then again, eastern Europeans are some of the nicest people ever.

Hope you enjoyed this little part of Fairy Tale Land (the short form name for Luxembourg).

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