Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost Ready

The prey is almost ripe. It has waited for almost a week for the correct time to be harvested, and that day is tomorrow. Today, as every day, I pulled my catch out for a bath. The water was almost clear which signifies that their systems have been adequately purged, and they are now ready to be devoured. Alas, one was discovered rotting away in the muck. He perished sometime in the last few days but was only now discovered.

The process tomorrow will be neither easy nor clean, but it will be a day long remembered.

Below are some pictures. Please enjoy.

Trying to escape Escargo Death Row

"Take us with you!"
Anyone home? This little guy never did come fully out of his shell.


Pierre Bellville said...

Kudos to Spiff for guessing my hunt.

Rebecca said...

Way TOO much information, M. Belleville.

still working said...

Are you really going to cook these? I don't even know how to cook snails. Make sure you take lots of pictures to demonstrate the process...

Serena said...

OH my!! THe photos are bad enough...I can't believe you you are actually going to cook those things, plus be eating them! Just gives me the shivers thinking about it!!!