Monday, December 7, 2009

Around Amiens

Here are some pictures I took awhile back of around Amiens. I'm still meaning to post some pics of the school campus and my room... maybe next week?

On the Somme

My dormmates. From left to right: 
Stefan, the German Assistant, Taylor, the other American, Andrea, Taylor's girlfriend.


Scott Bird said...

I shall leave a comment and see where it goes. Amiens-I found it on a map. Have just finished reading a book about a gal in
France, and since it is not in front of me I shall probably murder the title, but I think it was 'On rue Tatin' by Susan Hermann Loomis. Yes, the author is correct. She went over there on an apprenticeship with a chef/restaurant and went on to (eventually many years later) live in France, write books, open her own cooking school. Which I am going to look up just as soon as I finish writing to you. She was about an hour from Paris(by train) in Normandy(?). Sorry this is the mother, Gail, not scott! I am using his laptop and it is forgetting who I am!

Pierre Bellville said...

I am not the first blogger in Europe to have experienced this problem apparently. I did a search and found several others complaining that comments just dissappear for no reason. Hopefully they come back soon!

Olivia Arlene said...

Such pretty scenery! Hey, how was the Chateau d'If???

Pierre Bellville said...

Hehee... Chateau d'If is coming soon!!!