Friday, August 8, 2008

English Countryside (Part VI)

On Monday morning, I took the Tube northwards to meet some of my friends whom I had met in Scotland last year. Susan and Geoff have been in and out of contact ever since March 2007 when I met them on my trip to Iona. There they fulfilled one of my longtime dreams by inviting me out for a lovely tea by the sea the day before we left the island. It was the only day the sun came out for more than an hour. I was excited to see them again and was surprised at how our friendship picked up exactly where it had ended. Neither of them seemed to have changed a bit, but Susan asked me if I had gotten taller. I told her I didn’t think so, but I may seem like it since I wasn’t hunched over trying to stay warm (it was freezing on Iona, and we always trying to stay warm).

They took me to a place where we could look down and see the City of London all the way to the South Downs (which are actually ups). Here are some random pictures of my day with Susan and Geoff:

And once again we had a lovely tea together. This time they took me to a semi-stately-home of England, and we enjoyed the heavenly nectar with some biscuits in a lovely English garden. It was absolutely amazing.

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