Friday, July 25, 2008

London Coming Soon

I'm frantically trying to finish packing. I was supposed to pack last night but my Irish friends kept me out late, which I certainly didn't mind as I would much rather have hung out with them rather than pack. But now I feel the crunch. My train for Paris leaves at 8:30 tomorrow, and I'll arrive in the South sometime in the early evening. I'm super excited.

Pictures from London will be coming soon. In the mean time, here are some more amazing photos of Luxembourg City. Not that the photos are that amazing, but the subject of the photos is amazing.

These guards manage to never acknowledge that people are mere inches away taking photos and point at them.
The Valley from inside the fortress
The outer fortress.
Inside the fortress caves. Thousands of soldiers used to share over 10 miles of caves like this as bunkers and drilling areas.

This actually isn't a fireplace but the beginning of another set of stairs. They're off to my right.


Rebecca said...

You do flatter yourself, but we're inclined to agree. ;-)

Pierre Bellville said...

Surely an English major such as yourself would understand that I could only have been referring to Luxembourg in general, as it is the only thing all 5 photos have in common... :)

Spiff said...

Nice looking pictures. There is this rather scraggly-looking guy in some of them though...

Anonymous said...

I must say Mr. look quite handsome. ;)