Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Experiences

The last few years have been filled with new experiences for me. Some of the more major ones have seriously impacted my life forever: Moving, College, France, Christian Spirituality, my grandfather's death, and so many more. But little things have impacted me as well: a cup of tea, a good book, a comment made by a professor or friend, a candle, an e-mail, and the list could go on.

I have decided to add one more "little thing" to my life: blogging. Honestly, I am not a very committed person. I rarely even read my dearest friends' blogs. I don't know how much, or how long, this blogging experience will last. I honestly do not know if I will even post a second time. But I want to. I almost feel I need to.

It seems like an excellent way to share what is going on in my life, to pause and reflect in a more permanent way than sitting in the dark (my normal mode of reflection). I do not think blogging can or ever will be as deep as sitting in a dark room, possibly with a candle, thinking on so many things. But the other side of that "deep thought" (if I am capable of such a thing) is that it is so temporary, and I forget it so easily. I should really keep a journal.

So what is the point of my blog? I suppose it is primarily a place for me to write my thoughts, shallow and silly as they are, as I see fit. A place to keep my friends and family updated on my life. A place to record my experiences and to experience, in and of itself, something new.

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Okie2003 said...

Reflection - Good
Introspection - Bad
Dark Room - OK
Contemplative Spirituality - The Occult