Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busy Week

I thought I should allow my readers to take a walk with me through my days. My next few posts will follow my steps throughout the normal week. Unless I find that this is too overtly boring, in which case I won't post Wed-Fri.

Up @ 6:45
Breakfast @ 7:20
Work from 8:00-10:00 (includes tutoring, professor assistance, studying, etc.)
French Through Popular Culture class @ 10:00
Lunch @ 11:00
Christian Worship class @ 12:00
Work from 1:00-4:00
Study/Break @ 4:00
Dinner @ 4:45
French Club or French Bible Study (alternating each week) @ 6:00
Homework for Tuesday classes 8:00-10:00
Bed @ 10:30
Average Amount of Free Time on Mondays: .75 hrs.

Tuesday (This is my exciting day!)
Up @ 6:45
Breakfast @ 7:20
Work from 8:00-9:30
French Civilization class @ 9:30
International Economics class @ 11:00
Break (I don't bother to go to the cafeteria) @ 12:30
Management Information Systems class @ 1:00
Break/Study/Campus Errands 2:30-4:45
Dinner @ 4:45
Free Enterprise Studies class form 6:00-9:00
Finish homework for Wednesday @ 9:00
Bed @ 10:30/11:00
Average Amount of Free Time on Tuesdays: 1 hr.

So my Mondays really aren't that bad, but my Tuesdays are a killer. Fortunately, it is my worst day (could it get much busier?), so everything is downhill from there.

Today we finished filming a class project for Free Enterprise Studies. We did a presentation of "20 Minutes" with Jeter Pennings and Bobby Walker. I was Jeter Pennings. I also played the roles of a trendy English CEO, a computer geek from New York, and an old Southern gentleman. It was all very fun. I never knew I could talk as slow as I did when I was the Southern gentleman. On playback I was listening to myself going "could you just speed up an itsy-witsy?", but the group liked it, so we didn't do another take.

Before that, I helped a friends family move their business from an old warehouse to a new warehouse. It's a manufacturing business where they make... actually I don't know. There were lots of wires and cables and things, and it's called "Positive Connections", so it must be some sort of electrical connection manufacturing business. That was fun. This evening I was supposed to meet a couple of people and go to a Rotary Club chili feed. At the last minute (actually 3 minutes before we were supposed to leave), I got a phone call saying that we weren't going after all because someone had lost our tickets. I don't think any of us were too crushed, but I was sort of looking forward to it. So my evening became suddenly open again...

Except that another friend had already asked me to dinner with a few others, so I called her and told her that I could join them. So I had just enough time to get on the Internet, check the news, read my emails, and write this blog entry. I hope you've enjoyed it. I'm off to Panera Bread for a lovely evening of homemade soups, freshly baked breads, and, of course, tea!


Jeremy said...

Isn't college life great? Actually in a way it's nice because your day has some variation. As opposed to life after college which is seemingly quite routine. At least for me. Not to mention the lack of a social life. Then again that could just be me. :)

Here's to Panera Bread, friends and of course tea!

Speaking of tea and other such European traditions, have you seen "Becoming Jane?" It's about Jane Austin's life. But despite that I actually liked it (and you might as well). I'm kind of a sucker for romance movies. But don't worry it isn't 48 hours long.

Spiff said...

Sounds busy. Enjoy it now before you get done with school and things get real busy. ;-)

Serena said...

Sounds busy!!! Won't you be so glad to be done in May!!!!

Jena said...

you went to lunch with a "SHE"...maybe you should share a few more details!! ;)