Friday, May 9, 2008

Finals Finally Finished

I finished my last final this morning after having finished work last night. It was quite the relief. It feels good to be finished with everything. The next 5 days will be a wild ride, but I'm fairly sure I can hang on long enough to make it to Wednesday. For the interested, here is my schedule of events for the next few days:

Today (Friday) - Finish packing room, returning various borrowed items, etc. Picnic for lunch. Do some errands in Branson.

Tomorrow (Saturday) - Leave campus for two of my dear friends' wedding at 6:30 AM. I'm helping to set up for the wedding, which starts at 10:00. I hope to be back on campus no later than 3:00. Whenever I arrive back, I'll finish the last few bits of packing and sign out of my room. Then it's off to Oklahoma! Hopefully in time for dinner with the family.

Sunday - Mother's Day!!! Church in the morning, cooking dinner in the afternoon for my dear mom (if you're reading: I love you!). Pack. Try to catch a nap. Leave for Texas after evening church so we can meet up with Jon, Judy, and little Danny at my grandmother's house before they leave Monday afternoon.

Monday - Play with Danny, Robbie, and Emma. Talk to GranEsther. Hang with various members of my family.

Tuesday - Finish packing. Clean up some storm damage on my grandmother's property.

Wednesday - Check everything for trip. More farm chores. Act giddy and nervous. Plane leaves at 3:55 from Dallas to Detroit. Connection in Detroit to Amsterdam.

Thursday - Arrive in Amsterdam for a weekend with friends. Really looking forward to some Dutch hospitality, although I've heard they make guests pay for everything... :) Really, this will be quite an adventure and (hopefully) relaxing time for me.

Added Bonus!
Following Monday - Take train from Amsterdam to Brussels. Meet the people I'll be house sitting for. Settle in a bit.

Tuesday - Start work at the Embassy!


alilyamongthethorns said...

Yeah! I'd say you are excited about your trip! Don't forget to act giddy and nervous on Wednesday!! ;)

Serena said...

Looks like a busy schedule! Hope everything goes well and you enjoy the time spent with your family before you head overseas! :)